1.321 shake, model

Sunday 10/18/2020

Did my usual Sunday morning things, watering plants, NYT puzzle, etc. Then: what next? I should take a walk; I should take the car out; aha. I took the car to the Palo Alto Baylands and had a 2 mile walk.

Then it was 11am and I was a little hungry, that’s a nice thing. I remembered last time I talked to Dennis he had recommended “go out for a milkshake” as a cure for depression. Why not? I drove one hop down the freeway to Rengstorff and bought a choc. shake at the In and Out. Nice.

In the afternoon I fiddled with a fussy bit of the MG model. It has spoke wheels, and the plastic casting of the inner and outer halves of the spoke wheels is quite good but not perfect. Lots of the individual spokes have wee flashes and bulgy bits that keep them from looking like rods. So I spent an hour with the tip of the x-acto knife, spoke-shaving. Spoke-shaving was a thing, once. I should take a picture of this but it’s tiny close-up work. The kind of work where I take off my glasses and use the perfect focus at the end of my nose.

Went for a short walk after supper (2.9 total for the day). I think I feel pretty decent. Not recovered, but definitely recovering.

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