1.320 improvement

In the night I woke up feeling… good. Aware I had been several hours, it seemed, without any pain. Checked my watch, oh, 6:00 already? So I got up. But the clocks in the microwave and. the DVR said 3:00. My watch had been on its dual-time function, probably still set to London. Oh well, so back to bed.

Saturday 10/17/2020

And up still feeling quite good. The annoying chest pain was just a small sensitivity behind my breastbone. And so things stayed pretty well until lunch time. I went for a half-hour walk at 8am, and another at 11:30. Still not “normal” whatever normal is going to turn out to be, but better.

It was a slow afternoon. I made myself do some work at Zooniverse so as to not feel completely useless, but gosh. Naps. Reading. Naps. Podcast.

I had meant to do a short walk after supper, and might have, but it was already sundown. Now, we are a modern town, Palo Alto, and we do have street lighting. So that was no excuse. Just a wimp-out.

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