1.319 slow recovery, model, meeting

Friday 10/16/2020

Had plenty of sleep, woke up feeling just ok. With a forecast for hot heat (in the end it didn’t break 90) I went for a walk first thing. My stamina is definitely lower than a month ago. Later in the day, Nurse Diane from the CT group called to check up. She confirmed my understanding that the dissection was a trauma, “and the operation, too”, and that lots of symptoms come from recovery from internal trauma. So there’s that. “Give yourself permission to take naps,” she said. No problem there, Nurse. Frequent ones. “And take walks”. Well, I took the one. After supper, I just couldn’t find the motivation.

I evaluated all the pieces of the model that I have sprayed. They all need some degree of sanding to get the color coat level, never mind smooth, before anything else goes on. I have ordered a selection of fine sandpapers and will wait for that.

At Rhonda’s Friday open meeting, there was some good news,

This week, our last resident was cleared of Covid and moved back to their Assisted Living apartment. So, we are very happy to announce that we currently have no residents with Covid. Today, we have just 2 employees left who are still in quarantine.

We have had 3 consecutive weeks of 100% negative test results for our Lee Center residents and staff. We are all very relieved with this result!

As of this point, with this outbreak, 10 residents and 7 staff contracted Covid. All were symptomatic and several were hospitalized. And, sadly, 3 of the residents have passed away due to Covid.

Meanwhile the IL tower has yet to get a case. They are planning to reopen the dining room. People will be able to reserve a table and eat there, instead of a tray to their room. However, only one “household” per table, so bachelors like me would simply be dining alone, at a different table than usual. I guess some would see that as a positive change.

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