1.318 gloom

Thursday 10/15/2020

Feeling dour and grumpy this morning. About the slow recovery from the dissection (if that’s what I’m recovering from, see yesterday). I started a walk, got sidetracked in a ten minute talk with Marcia about volunteer matters (we’re getting fewer, is it time to hand the jobs back to staff?), did a five minute walk ony.

And later having gloomy thoughts about the MG model. I tried putting clear coat on a three small parts yesterday. Inspecting them today it is plain to see that the clear coat is not going to level out all the microscopic bumps and model-scale orange peel in the color coat. Which means: sanding. To get a good finish I will need to sand the color coat before applying the clear. This is really, really hard to do. The parts are tiny. There is no such thing as a 1/16 scale orbital sander, so it has to be done by hand, or rather, by finger-tip. A little piece of 2400-grit or 3600-grit paper on the end of a forefinger. But there are lots of detail lines, it is hard to get close to them, and if the sandpaper overlaps them, you quickly wear through the color and expose the primer along the raised edge.

Possibly I could get a smoother color coat in the first place by applying the paint more heavily. I was really careful not to get runs, and I didn’t, applying multiple light coats to get the opaque color. But that ends up with the matte-texture. Maybe I will experiment applying one more color coat as wet as I can get it (and damn it, there will be runs).

Plus I am realizing there are small projections on these parts that represent hinges or door locks, which shouldn’t be given color and clear coats, they’ll get chromed later. So I should be masking them, and haven’t. Grump grump grump.

And my bag of clean linens didn’t arrive on schedule. Grump.

Oddly, later in the day I felt better. I ate a good supper and took a second walk afterward.

One thought on “1.318 gloom

  1. I think you are amazing- from experiance I know that anesthesia will leave you with the feelings you describe-
    I remember my attention was compromised and energy levels- and all around funk-
    The fact you are anxious to get back to your normal shows you are feeling much better-hang in there-
    It won’t be too long and you will be back to running-
    Meanwhile…short walks And eat and sleep- hug


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