1.315 walk, meeting, model

Monday 10/12/2020

Not ready to attempt even a short jog yet, I went out at 7:30 for a 1.5mile walk. Back in plenty of time for the monthly Resident Association meeting via Zoom. Unusually low attendance, around 80, and I noticed the couple that just moved in on my floor did not attend. That’s too bad, because this is one event where you can really see CH as a functional community.

Later I put a couple of coats of red on the two big body sections of the MG. One more coat I think, and then it will be time to apply clear coat.

I’m not pleased with my condition. In the morning when I got up I had a bit of vertigo; it passed off before my walk but I hate the reminder it is always lurking. And I have intermittent small chest pains, like muscle aches. No, not angina. Easily suppressed with Tylenol, but it keeps me feeling unwell. Grump grump. I want to back in the state of “normal” which is simply the state of never thinking about my body at all, just occupying it.

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