1.314 a Sunday

Sunday 10/11/2020

I’m sleeping well, that’s nice. My appetite is all over the place, I woke up ravenous about 3am, made a little snack and read for a while. But at 7am, didn’t want any of my nice breakfast shake. Ate enough at lunch and dinner.

I went out for a walk mid-morning, the phone says only 1.3 miles. Felt like “enough”. Bed rest, it’s a killer.

After lunch I decided it was far enough from the op. that I could drive, so I took the Prius out for a run up 280 and and back. North to Millbrae, back south to Los Altos. Which eventually brought me to a cheap gas station on Middlefield, where I topped up the tank, 7.2 gallons. I had topped it up twice before, for a total of 17.5 gallons consumed since the last fill-up which was 1020 miles ago in… go on, guess. March. I’m on pace to break 40 gallons total consumption for the year 2020.

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