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Tuesday 10/13/2020

Began the day with the adventure of going into a grocery store. Rather than use instacart, I decided to enter Piazza’s, my favorite market, during their Tuesday 7-8am senior safety hour. I was surprised at the number of changes they have made in their layout to make it more open and safer-feeling. I quickly stocked up on my basics (bread, PB, coke, beer, grapes).

Then I had an hour to kill before meeting Harriet for coffee. Pleasant meeting; but there’s not a lot to talk about with all our shared sports and travel interests on hold.

Back to CH in time for the bi-weekly writers’ meeting. Of course I hadn’t done any writing for it, so I just listened.

Following that I finished spraying color on the red parts of the MG model.

primed and painted, next: clear coat

I was feeling low when I got a call from Diane, the nurse coordinator for my surgeon, checking on my progress. I was glad to be checked up on, I’d been of several minds about whether to contact them and when. I described my minor but persistent chest pain. It could be a lot of things, she said; if it ever gets severe, or your blood pressure drops, that’s an emergency. Can you control it with tylenol? Yes, tylenol makes it mostly go away. OK, then, I’ll check back with you on Friday.

She also commented that taking three short walks a day would be better than taking one longer one. So starting tomorrow I’ll implement that.

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