1.313 (I think?) full day home

Saturday 10/10/2020

Got a lot of good sleep. Woke up sometime around 3am to pee, and had the conscious thought, “huh, I feel healthy”. Also felt that way off and on through the day.

Did a couple of deferred chores, including filling the hummingbird feeders. My neighbors may notice a reduced buzz crowd now. Then at 9am, took the first walk of the day, just around the neighborhood. I went to the Saturday Farmers’ Market, but then realized, I hadn’t gotten my money clip with bills off the desk. So no cash, no farmer foods.

Did a lot of sitting around in one or another of my comfy spots. After lunch I got serious about my ballot, which had come last week. Went through various recommendation sources, voted everything except the De Anza College district board. Then went out for walk number two: up to City Hall to stuff my sealed and signed ballot into the collection box.

On this walk I realized I was breathing harder than I normally would. Is that shortness of breath? Does it mean something? Dennis, when he called later in the day, said, it means you’ve been lying on your butt for two weeks. OK, I’ll go with that explanation. Two weeks until I see my cardiologist.

I am eating better than in the prior weeks, although still not up to normal; also my temperature is still typically +1 to +1.5 over my historic norm. Do I have a new norm? I shall try to find something on TV to keep me up to 10pm, which I did last night. But I may cork off early.

One thought on “1.313 (I think?) full day home

  1. Thank you for the whole story! Very glad it’s over now and you are doing so. Well- Happy to read your blog again- I missed it!


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