1.294 walk, airbrush, fly

Sunday 9/20/2020

About 9am, after doing the puzzle and watering the plants and feeding the livestock (hummingbirds) I went for a walk, over to the California Ave. farmers’ market. I ended up with 4 miles for the day, most in that walk.

In the afternoon I used my airbrush for the first time, with mixed results. It mostly worked well, but a couple of times I wanted to stop and clean it, and that’s awkward. My “spray booth” is on the end of the balcony farthest from the kitchen sink. So I have to turn off the compressor, unscrew the air line, carry the brush to the kitchen, clean it, reverse. And waste the paint in the cup, or else work out how to store thinned paint.

I also had problems supporting the many (7) small parts I wanted to spray. You spray it, then it’s wet, and you try to set it down, and it flips over and puts the wet side against the paper towel, so you pick it up and carry it to the kitchen and wipe all the wet paint off with alcohol and dry it and take it back to do it again. I stopped after half an hour realizing I need to work out better techniques. Everything needs multiple coats (and this is just the primer; there’s still the color and the clear to do) with drying time between. I also stopped to find out how long it takes this particular primer (a good quality acrylic) to get hard. It’s dry enough to touch in ten minutes but it feels kind of tender to the fingernail. The bottle talks about curing for 12 hours before masking. I wonder how long before I can sand it? At least that long.

I spent another half hour flying X-plane, working mostly on trying to fly straight and level and maintain a constant heading. Which the plane does not want to do; it likes to just sneakily roll a tiny bit and start curving left or right, or start climbing or dropping a couple feet a minute, or something. And that is in dead still air. I should turn on weather in the app. Two days ago I flew it over Tacoma to check out the Narrows bridge and was disappointed; the scenery in this app is really basic. It knows there are two roadways but it shows them as simple raised roadbeds over the water. The two Narrows bridge spans are big suspension ones like the Golden Gate.

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