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Monday 9/21/2020

I went for a run at 7:15 and it was one of those times when I felt better, stronger than average. There’s no reason for such days, as there’s usually no reason for the days when it feels very difficult. Just enjoy the ones and don’t fret about the other.

In the morning I dealt with two assignments, of sorts. It’s the week of the Writers’ group and since I blew off the last two, I thought I’d better contribute something this time. The cue was “turning point” and I wrote 700 words about the time in 1974 when, during a casual lunch at the Pruneyard, I suggested to two assignees from IBM Europe, that maybe they should take a couple of developers from here back to London to help support VSPC. With the result that Marian and I lived in England for three years.

That done, I got caught up with my volunteer sign-up sheets. I should have created a “next week” sheet for the package reception task yesterday. Creating a new sheet is a simple task: I tell the app to “clone” the previous one; then I step through each of the sign-up slots (14 for packages, 21 for meals) and change its date to a week later.

I talked to Marcia about how there were not many signups for the Safety Sitters sheet. We decided to eliminate some of the times, just do afternoons on weekdays. I made that change, then posted an email giving links to all six sheets (this week and next week, for the three tasks) to the house BB.

Later I worked on the MG-TC, two ways. One, I did more spraying of primer on small parts. This involves a short spell of “shooting” paint, followed by an hour or more of drying time. Which means, cleaning the airbrush after each shoot, or it will dry and clog. That was a pain with the spray setup on the balcony. I moved the whole thing to the bathroom.

I worked on another problem: I didn’t like the way the body tub fits into the main piece that represents those lovely curved front and rear fenders. I’ve seen this kind of problem in previous kits where it just isn’t clear how exactly one big piece relates to another. Eventually I decided that it definitely needs some plastic shaved back to let the body settle in better. I used tape to carefully define a nice smooth curve along which I will remove a shaving about 1/32 wide on each side.

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