1.293 meeting, model

Saturday 9/19/2020

Still depressed. However, put out a BB post thanking volunteers and listing all signup sheets. Then joined Marcia to meet with Kim H.R. to discuss 11th floor issues. We suggested having two additional monitored spots particularly for solo users who want to sit up there (the penthouse is a really pleasant place to sit) and use their computers. Kim was to take that to Rhonda today; later she wrote that it sounded good but needed further staff input, see you next week. (Kim works Tue-Sat.)

I started working on the MG-TC model. It’s big, 1/16 scale where the usual is 1/25. The MG is a very small car, though, so the final product won’t be a lot bigger than the Chevy or Ford models. I set up my camera and started recording some of this work, with commentary. Maybe, if it isn’t too bad and I feel like editing it, I will put it on my YT channel. I still have over 100 subscribers, despite not having posted anything in 18 months or so.

In the evening I watched most of a solo concert streamed by Club Fox in Redwood City. I’ve attended concerts at the Fox (a restored grand old theater) and Club Fox, their blues/rock nightclub next door. They’ve just started a series of streamed concerts. This one by Drew Harrison was … ok.

In COVID news, as I noted yesterday we have a total of 4 positive tests among residents in the AL center. Tonight’s staff email noted that they and the staff members who tested positive, all have one or another symptom.

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