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Wednesday 9/16/2020

Air was clean, fog was in making damp streets. Hopefully that will squelch all the fires burning to the West of us, toward the coast. Don’t know if it gets far enough to help the ones on the East side of the Bay. Anyway, I got to go for a run, yay.

At 9:30 I got out the car and went to visit sister-in-law Jean. She was having some computer problems, which I was able to solve. From there I went to Target and bought a doormat to replace the offensive one that came from Amazon. This one is just boring, but at least it isn’t annoying.

Back home I found an email from the tech squad. Lynn was having trouble with her old iPad, “it won’t swipe”. What? “You know what I mean by ‘swipe’, and nothing happens”. Craig Allen who was CC’d on the email suggested, “restart it” and he was right. I had some trouble getting Lynn to restart the iPad over the phone but we met in the lobby and I did it (hold power and Home down for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears) and magically the iPad would respond to swipes again. But it was dog-slow responding to everything. Given it was quite old, I strongly suggested she should start hinting to the kids that she’d like a new one for Christmas.

In the afternoon there was to be a talk, about the artistic revolution of Paris in the I forget what decade. But it turned out to be a recording of a zoom meeting, delivered over zoom, which might have been tolerable but then they lost the sound on it, so I bailed. And that was about it for the day.

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