1.289 meetings

Tuesday 9/15/2020

Did the aerobics class. At first I was the only one logged on to the zoom session. Two others clicked in 5 minutes late. But I think Veronica worked me harder than usual because I was the only one there.

First business of the day was to meet with Martha, the former RA treasurer, and walk to Wells Fargo to negotiate giving me signature authority. We’d put that off after I was elected in March, owing to the virus. Now we had staff authorization to do this. It turned out to be more involved than I’d thought. The banker, who I think had not done this before, spent a lot of time on his computer and on the phone with someone, checking that he had the right forms and was filling them out correctly.

A problem arose in trying to remove two former signatories. Diane had been president of the RA, and was still in the records as signing checks. Taking her off was easy. But also Andrew, who was Treasurer under Diane, was somehow listed as a “key executive” of this business account. In order to remove him we need to provide proof that he is no longer a key executive. That means finding records of the minutes of the RA meeting where his replacement (Martha) was elected, printing them, getting them signed by all concerned, and returning them to the bank.

Also should probably get Tom, current President, listed as a signer, and then remove Martha. What a pain.

On return I checked on the novice Safety Sitter, Mary Beth on the 11th floor. She was of course fine. At 2pm I met with Bob, who had taken the full 3 hours, 2-5pm. Later he emailed that he really enjoyed having so much time to read. Meanwhile, the signup sheet for sitters is filling up nicely. I was worried at slow adoption but it looks like it’s a goer.

I flew X-Plane over what should have been familiar territory, but was disappointed. They apparently have a ground map that has roads and terrain contours, but they don’t have the actual buildings or vegetation. They just generate buildings and vegetation algorithmically. So the lakes and rivers and highways (oh and railroads, I’ve seen a little train rolling along tracks) are accurate (ish), but they don’t look like Google Earth. Too bad.

In the afternoon came an email from staff: Monday’s testing turned up one positive case! Not among the IL but over in assisted living in the Lee Center. Which is surprising to me. The people over there have very little opportunity to get infected. We independent types are out and about; the Lee center people see staff and, recently, got the opportunity to visit with family, but only in very controlled circumstances, in a special gazebo structure with plexiglass between, or so I thought. Contact tracing will be revealing I guess.

In the evening I was filling out an online survey from Stanford Blood Center, which asked for me to enter my age. Specific age, not just a decade or “over 70”. So as usual I had to stop and think, and was a bit surprised. Shit, in a few months I’ll be 78. Dude. That’s old. Which in an odd way makes me feel good, because (so far, knock on wood) I don’t feel like what I imagine 78 should be like. More like 45 with a bad hangover, or something.

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