1.291 Shorts, paint, God

Thursday 9/17/2020

Started the day as typical for a Thursday, with Veronica’s aerobics. I remembered to have my phone in the pocket of my shorts, so I know that during that half hour it records 1600 steps, half a mile.

Following that I was takin’ care of business like a boss. I tidied the place, anticipating Wanda coming in to clean this afternoon. Wouldn’t want the maid to think I’m messy, would I?

Then I took care of something that has been bugging me lately: my exercise shorts keep slipping down. So between sets of aerobic moves, or every few blocks while jogging, I have to pull them up. I would love to find out this was caused by losing weight, but I am keeping track of my weight and it is stable, 172 +/- 1.5. Why, then? Well, when I actually looked I found that the button in the waistband, which I had re-sewn six months ago, was loose. My stitches had slipped or stretched or something so the button had half an inch of play. So I got out my sewing kit and sewed that sucker down flat again. I expect that the shorts will stay up better now.

I took care of several emails from volunteers, then wrote to George, our banker who helped us at WFB on Tuesday, asking for more info on what a “key executive” is and whether we need one. Later he called me directly, mainly wanting to assure me that with two people with signing authority, we had all the access we needed and I shouldn’t worry about it. Later he did send links to the business account info which I’ll review later.

There’s been some confusion over whether/if/when the WBB season will start. Today I got an NCAA email saying 11/25. However it is my speculation that Stanford won’t allow fans into Maples. Marcia suggested that they might use cutouts with pictures, like the Giants have been doing. Oh, with our own personal season-ticket-holder faces in the appropriate seats? That seemed such a very “Fast Break Club” concept that I sent a note to uber-fans Harriet and Lily suggesting it. Today Harriet cc’d me while passing the idea to Eileen, the operations manager for the team. So something may come of that.

In the afternoon three packages arrived, including some model paints I’ve been waiting for. I particularly want a solid, bright red for the MG TC, and had ordered three, one of which I thought would be good for a 54 Chrysler. But when I painted them out on scrap plastic and photo paper,

…I didn’t like any of them. This photo is not accurate, the colors are too dark. Anyway finding paint has been a constant frustration when limited to buying online. The paint colors shown on the web pages are not accurate. When you find the paint you think you want, then the store is out of stock, so you try a different store. They all ship very slowly, even when you order from Amazon, because Amazon’s hobby supplies are not stocked by Amazon, they pass it off to another online hobby store. Anyway, bitch bitch.

I sat down and used Google Maps and Yelp to find hobby stores. There still are a few, and tomorrow I am going to visit a couple. They all say their employees are masked and yadda yadda. If I see unmasked people or the place looks janky I won’t go in. But I just want to find one place with a good rack of model paints so I can go down the line of bottles and say, right, that one, gimme.

In the evening I watched some of Palo Alto Players’ An Act of God. It’s mostly a monologue, God in the form of actress Emily Scott muses on the creation of the world and other topics. It had some moments but mostly it seemed labored and obvious. So I clicked “Leave Meeting” after about 40 minutes.

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