1.288 meetings, flying

Monday 9/14/2020

Got out of bed with the firm determination that I was going for a run, or at least for a walk. But the AQI was 190 which really isn’t healthy (somebody told me that it was over 500 in Portland?) so reluctantly gave that idea up. Forecast is for improvement.

At 9:30 I was called for my COVID test; it’s the week for the 4th and 6th floors. The last two have not been as deep-probing as the first one.

10:30 brought the Resident Association meeting. Again Marcia presented the 11th floor sitters concept and encouraged people to make use of it. At 2pm I went up to 11 to meet with and orient the lady who had signed up for the first gig. She was very good natured about it, but nobody showed up to make use of the floor so she had, as predicted, a boring time. I had really hoped for a better response; maybe it will build with time.

I have orders out to two EBay sellers and to a hobby store for various kinds of paint. The hobby store had not shipped after ten days. Last week in response to a query via their customer service page, they assured me they would ship “tomorrow” which would have been Thursday. Nothing. So Sunday I sent a customer service form saying if they didn’t ship on Monday 9/14, to cancel the order and refund. So this morning I had an email, they had canceled the order and refunded my PayPal. Fine, but what about the three items I had ordered? I found two of them on Amazon and one other on EBay and submitted two more orders. I can’t start my next car model until all this stuff arrives.

Meantime I play with the virtual airplane. Today I was checking out the three different independent user forum sites for X-Plane. At one of them there is what claims to be a novice pilot training course, based on the Cessna that is the basic X-Plane vehicle. I was hoping for such a thing and there it is. I’m not sure if it will be good enough to really pursue, but certainly in the first two lessons I learned a heck of a lot about features of the X-Plane software I had no idea existed.

Another thing I ordered that took for-bleedin’-ever to arrive was a simple doormat. Ordered on Amazon but fulfilled by, I dunno, Fred’s Garden Supply or something. They took a week to actually ship, and then UPS took five days to get the package from Illinois to California. I need a simple doormat to put where I come in from the balcony, because I am always tracking in flower petals or potting soil or whatever. It finally arrived; opened the box; Yuck that is an ugly doormat. Is that what I ordered? Check Amazon, yes, but what I saw online had muted colors, browns and grays, and the actual thing is kind of pumpkin orange and rust. I hate it.

Well, tomorrow’s another day. Hopefully.

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