1.287 laundry, blah

Sunday 9/13/2020

AQI “unhealthy” so no walk. Did the usual plant watering and hummingbird replenishment. Repotted the plant that was overgrowing its pot into the larger pot I bought yesterday. It is almost too big for that pot, really.

I had planned to do laundry on Monday but Monday might be busy, and today certainly wasn’t. So I did my laundry. Played X-Plane. My plan, as before, was to take off from Thun field and land there again. It took an hour. I kept circling, looking for the airport and missing it, or finding I was too close and too high to land, so fly over it and out and turn and try again. But I am learning about how the airplane handles. I finally managed it, and actually landed. Not on the strip, but at least on the grass parallel to it.

I had paid $20 to stream Hershey Felder portraying George Gershwin. I hooked the laptop by HDMI to the TV and watched that. It was nice.

For my evening’s entertainment I watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. What a hash Jackson made of a simple book. It could have been an excellent single film but… who knows. Jackson got ego disease, or some studio flung money at him, whatever, he had to make it a trilogy.

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