1.286 errands, car, meeting

Saturday 9/12/2020

Started a to-do list while brushing my teeth and it just kept getting longer as I thought of things, but finally I finished it.

Started by walking to the bank and depositing a check. I didn’t even mention that I’d done a group instacart buy on Thursday. I did, and one person paid her share by check, so I had that to deposit. From there I walked by CVS on University, and in, looking for two things. One: toothpaste. Easy. Two: flatware.

I’m quite sure that last year, just after I moved in to CH, I went into CVS and bought two each knife, fork, and spoon, decent stainless utensils. Now I need more, owing to a silly problem. Our meals are delivered to our rooms on trays. Twice a day someone from the Food Services comes by collecting the used trays. And it is all too easy to leave a knife or fork or spoon on the tray, and the kitchen person doesn’t notice. In this way I have lost one of each utensil, so I am down to one each.

Today, CVS didn’t have any such thing. Well, maybe it was Walgreens. Except the Walgreens just up the block… doesn’t exist any more. They pulled out recently; the space is for rent.

From there I walked through the farmers’ market, buying some grapes and a delicious raisin snail which I couldn’t eat until I was back in my room, not wanting to pull my mask down.

I headed off in the car (its first drive in 10 days or so) to Summerwinds nursery because I have a plant that needs a bigger pot. Got a pot. On the way back I stopped at Walgreens in Midtown: no flatware for sale. Maybe at the hardware? I stopped at Ace Hardware and looked. Nope, they don’t carry flatware.

The garage clicker they gave us a few weeks ago didn’t work. I had to make a three-point turn in the garage ramp and go around to the parking lot. Turned in the clicker, hopefully I’ll get another soon, but not likely on the weekend.

At 3:30 I was to meet with Marcia on the 11th floor and discuss the Safety Sitters program that we hope will kick off Monday. Since announcing it in Rhonda’s Friday meeting, Marcia has had comments from several people who use the piano on the 11th floor for practice. Someone was practicing as we sat there and talked, and it was absolutely no problem for us or for the pianist. So that’s a non-issue; however we moved the three tables people can use, so that they weren’t as close to the piano. Other issues: Housekeeping had supplied a nice basket with paper towels and a big squirt bottle full of disinfectant, but when I tried it out, the plunger on the squirt didn’t work right. I took it back to my room and fixed it. Marcia had prepared a sign to put in a sign holder, but discovered the holder was for landscape oriented paper, and she’d printed it portrait mode. All squared away quickly.

Put in another hour with X-plane in the midst of this. At the end discovered that it supports a virtual “log book”. So in future I will start recording my “cockpit time” in my “log”.

After supper I picked up a package that had arrived. It was a box of Queal. I honestly don’t remember why I ordered some flavors of Queal. There must have been a special offer. Ordered 8/26, arrived from Belgium 9/12. Anyway it can now go into my breakfast rotation with two other meal replacements.

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