1.285 AQI, meetings, closet

Friday 9/11/2020

The AQI at 7am was somewhere between “pea soup” and “viscous”, so no run today. I had just a trace of vertigo early, and by noon felt normal. While showering I remembered that this is the day when Valet Custom Cabinets is to come and finish my closets. They are working as I write this at 5pm, I will add some pictures when they are gone.

I spent a little time trying to see if I could log on to Wells Fargo under the Resident Association bank account, and change the address for statements. No. So I emailed the former and previous treasurers asking if they knew how. The Previous then logged in via his personal WFB ID (!) and changed the address. But it is not good that the RA account is somehow entangled with his ID.

Then I messaged Kim Krebs asking if perhaps, I and the former Treasurer (who currently still holds signature authority) could visit WFB and get signature authority transferred. Would that be an “essential” gathering, like medical appointments? And soon back came word, yes, it’s ok. So I’ll try to set that up for next week, and maybe deal with the online access at the same time. Stupid bank account has so little activity it is silly to put so much time into it.

I did X-plane for an hour and got myself into a fine sweat. I took off from Thun field, thinking to fly a pattern and land again, and then I couldn’t find the field again! I was flying around like an idiot looking for the field. I felt like some kind of aviation pioneer, lost in Kansas and running low on fuel. I finally spotted a small strip, I think around Eatonville, and landed there. On the ground, I realized that the built-in map in the simulator has a trace of one’s flight path! So I could see exactly where I’d been, so I found my way back to Thun field — and crashed on final approach. Well, how many hours do you need to qualify IRL? A hundred? Because I have about 1.5 in now.

It was the time of week when we turn over the sign-up sheets for meal delivery, that is, make a new one for two weeks out; Marcia fills in the names of people who have requested a regular slot; then I set the next week and that second week’s sign-ups as the targets of the URLS (https://rlink.shop/MDTHISWEEK and …MDNEXTWEEK) and put out an announcement on the BB that the new sheets are up. So I did that bit of clerical work.

Valet arrived late, at 2:30, and are banging away 3 hours later. Apparently the manager didn’t tell this crew that we have cement walls here, and they are having a bit of trouble setting screws to mount the tracks for the sliding doors.

Rhonda’s 4pm meeting this week started with Marcia explaining the new 11 floor safety sitters gig and the new emergency preparedness sheet. (She had put copies of that material in everybody’s mail cubbies just before the meeting.)

The other news was that a staff member came down with Symptoms yesterday, went to their clinic, tested positive. So late last night Rhonda and staff were figuring out who had contact with this person. Fortunately, no residents had; however, eight staff members had, and are now quarantined at home. One now quarantining was handling appointments for the just-opened beauty shop (collective groan from the audience) so that’s closed again. It would have been closed anyway, since it is outdoors and the AQI is at “asphyxiate”.

With the lowering of Santa Clara County from Purple to Red virus status, they “have received numerous new directives from various agencies” and are trying to evaluate them. Next week there will be news of some restrictions easing. Perhaps the gym will open; however, the pool will not.

I fill two hummingbird feeders each morning. Today the swarm of 8-10 birds had them both empty at 4pm. I brought them in. Now there is constant coming and going of hummers zipping in and out of my balcony, checking for feeders. See you tomorrow, birds.

Here are the closets in their original state: rather crude woodwork (those are the drawers that, a year ago, I sanded and varnished on the inside to kill a musty smell and reduce splinters), and heavy doors that always cover half the width.

And here they are remodeled. Tri-fold doors so only 1/3 is out of reach. Nice finished woodwork with drawers that have soft-close mechanisms.

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