1.284 vertigo, busyness

Thursday 9/10/2020

Got up to find I had a mild amount of vertigo. Not enough to be wobbling when I walk, just enough that it is very uncomfortable to bend down and stand up again. Crap. Skipped the aerobics class on this account.

Wrote emails to people to get ready for the announcement Friday of the Safety Sitters. Also to the former treasurers to see if they have received the Wells Fargo statement for the RA account, as I haven’t. One had.

The sky today is light yellow-gray, better than yesterday’s deep ominous orange. Thanks to the smoke the temperature is actually cool, under 70, although the AQI is “unhealthy”.

There’s a bag of linens outside my door; I guess this is the alternate week when I change my own bed. I will deal with that after lunch when hopefully I will feel better.

I more or less vegetated in my chair most of the day. Well, I practiced landings in X-plane for a while, crashing 3 out of 5 tries. It’s the last 100 feet of altitude and 300 feet to the runway where I just can’t keep it all together.

I got an invitation from friends to come for an outdoor cocktails and snacks and had to turn it down. There would have been more than two “households” and there would be refreshments, meaning masks off, and I would have had to isolate in my room for a week after.

By evening my vertigo was just annoying. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel normal enough to take a run or at least a walk, and change my linens.

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