1.274 mo’ co’ and tech support

Monday 8/31/2020

Went for a run, felt ok. then sat down to clean up my email. Which only took like 2 hours. People wanting to change their meal delivery assignments. Working out with Patty what day to go out for supper. Arranging to meet with Marcia. Commenting on Jerry’s new “how to use the radio” video, and then following up with a phone conversation. Drug insurance is all panicked that my credit card is expiring, so got online and updated that.

Then got an assignment from the tech squad: lady has a problem with her fairly new iMac. The screen started filling up with patches of color and now when she reboots it, it shows the apple logo, the progress bar, then goes solid chartreuse. My advice? I wanted to say, “In technical terms, your mac is fucked.” But I said “busted” instead, and she needs to call Apple. Which she said she would do, right after the yoga class she is following using Zoom on her iPhone. (Channing House people are technically pretty with it.)

Met up with Marcia after lunch and finalized what we need to do for the Floor Rep meeting on Thursday. I suggested she do the talking, and she said “OK” and that was that. No false modesty in that girl. The meeting I missed on Sunday involved Facilities manager Chris B taking the four people who had volunteered for the maintenance inspection task for a tour. They all got the use of an app the Facilities staff is using, by which you can take a picture of a problem like a stuck window blind or whatever, add a description, and upload it into their database for action. They also got a tour of the refurbished Facilities spaces in the basement. Marcia was very impressed by that, and took me down to show me. Chris B, whose prior experience was facilities management of a chain of hotels, has been upgrading the heck out of the basement area for his staff of five. Workshop much improved, organized, lighted, and a nice conference room.

In the afternoon I spent two hours organizing my understanding of Senate races this November. I want to contribute some money to campaigns, but which ones? I decide to contribute to Senate races where Democrats are in close contests, so presumably contributions might help swing a result. Here’s my spreadsheet. The polling numbers are the current values from fivethirtyeight.com. I’ll update them once in a while. There’s some kick-ass women in there: McGrath, first woman to fly a combat mission for the Marines, and Hegar with a DFC and a Purple Heart. Most interesting candidate, Bollier of Kansas, who was a long-time Republican in state politics, and switched parties when the Repubs went tea-party crazy a decade ago. Now running as a Democrat and has a chance of being the first Democrat to be a Senator for Kansas in over 100 years.

Tomorrow I’ll get on ActBlue.com and donate some bucks to most of those.

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