1.273 getting caught up

Sunday 8/30/2020

I had scheduled laundry for today, 10-12. Prior to that I had the usual Sunday stuff, read the paper, water the plants, do the big puzzle (which I blitzed in under 25 minutes). Then I publicized my new scheme of URLs to volunteer signup sheets, such that https://rlink.shop/MDTHISWEEK will always point to this week’s meal delivery signup sheet, and so on.

Yesterday, last night, and today I’ve been feeling a touch of anxiety, such as I last reported back on Day 187 (or 0.187 to match the current numbering) when I was in the midst of selling the Tasso street house. I guess from the extra responsibilities of the volunteer coordination? And not a little worry about politics and the upcoming election. Yesterday I twice had a “visual migraine”. So I took some pains to try to get all my uncertainties nailed down. Made a little spreadsheet to organize the signup sheets and make sure I had the right ones, etc. Can’t do much about the political part. I take some pains to isolate myself as much as possible from the daily news, but… I have neighbors who have a news channel on all the time, I can hear it as I walk down the halls. How can they stand it? Well, maybe it gives them a sense of control, of being in the know.

On the phone, Dennis advised exercise, probably rightly. I took a three-mile walk after lunch.

Oh dear, it’s tomorrow and I didn’t click Publish!

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