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Tuesday 8/4/2020

After the aerobics class and before the CH Writer’s meeting, I fielded a tech call. Craig asked me to check on Terry, who (Craig claimed) had an old Mac that, according to Paul Ma, the CH staff tech person, needed an external, USB, wifi adapter. Hmph, seems odd. Well, I called Terry who said, no, it’s an old HP laptop of some sort. So I bounced that one back to Craig.

The Schwab statements were ready so I updated the Nest Egg spreadsheet. The Nest Egg was down about 13% on the year a couple of months back. It has recovered to be 8% down on the year now.

The writers’ group had a cue, or topic, of “that memorable hotel room” which produced a lot of interesting travel reminiscences. I had no contribution to make. Not as a writer. After the meeting I helped Margaret figure out why she couldn’t hear a Zoom meeting in her new bluetooth headset. Turns out, Zoom audio has an option, “use default sound (built in speaker)” which if selected, makes it ignore your system setting for sound output. So I had a tech success after all.

For the car model, I took a step back. Early on, I had set out to spray gray primer on the body. I did spray the hood and got a good coat, but when I went to spray the body, something, I don’t remember what, messed up, and I gave up on the primer. So the hood had gray primer and the body was still white plastic. Predictable what happened. Four coats of the light blue on hood and body, and four coats of the clear. And finally I set the hood in place on the body and… oops. Because of the medium-gray base coat, the hood is perceptibly darker and grayer blue, than the body. Set them a foot apart and you can’t tell. Set the hood on the body and it instantly stands out as not-quite-the-same-color.

So all I did on the model today, was to sand off the paint on the hood, taking it back to white plastic. (Now obviously there was another option, to strip the paint off the body and prime it, but that was out.) Tomorrow I’ll figure out how to paint the hood. Maybe with a brush.

That was all in the morning. After lunch I went for a 2.5 mile walk, up to the campus and back. I should say, the gouty toe has faded almost back to a normal color, and although it can still emit a sharp pain if bent the wrong way, it didn’t bother me running yesterday or walking today.

During the writers’ group, amid all the travel reminiscences, Margaret noted there was a series on Prime about traveling the canals of England. Tonight I found it, Travels in a Narrowboat, and am watching it. It is about the lowest-key show you can imagine. Canals are very quiet, the boat moves about 4mph top speed, and the whole show is just … so … soothing …

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