1.246 reading, talk, model

Monday 8/3/2020

This will be short, because there isn’t much to tell (quarantime is starting to fold in on itself). Went for a run, which felt fine. I think that spell of weakness a week ago may have been because I had no food before starting out: a “bonk” as we used to say in cycling. I had part of my breakfast shake before leaving today and all was well.

At 11 my neighbor Peter gave a book talk on his autobiography, Painted Pebbles. He read a few dramatic passages remembering the days of Nazi occupation of Hungary, and of the Hungarian Revolution.

The rest of the day was alternate reading and working on the model, mainly trying to finish painting the body. Many frustrations and do-overs. It is really difficult to get a clean, blemish-free coat of paint. To do it right I need a bigger shop with a proper ventilated spray booth to control dust, and a better quality air-brush/spray gun.

That’s about it. Tomorrow I will have to do something different.

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