1.245 more pork, airbrush

Sunday 8/2/2020

For breakfast I had the leftover pulled pork from last night, reheated. Very nice. Then at dinner-time, came a nice dish of… pulled pork! with sweet potatoes and a salad. Well, I like pulled pork. The CH kitchens didn’t provide BBQ sauce, but a little drizzle of sriracha fixed that.

Over the day I spent, must have been three hours fighting that nasty little airbrush. I took it all apart and found it had old paint from the first time I tried to use it. The product came with zero instructions on how to disassemble or properly clean it. In the course of cleaning it, however, I almost ruined it. The base/handle incorporates a battery, and a motor that pumps air out the top. Turns out, the air inlet is the USB charging port on the side. So I was holding it over the sink, using the air pressure to blow out the spray pipe while running water into the feed cup. Water ran down the side, and got sucked in through the charging port. Soon it stopped working because the handle was full of water. Then I spent a lot of time trying to get it to dry itself out, which it finally did.

Despite this and other problems, I did manage to apply decent coats of two different colors to the car body.

Comparing to my color reference picture. Close enough. My recollection of my actual ’53 is that the light blue was more gray. But that could be because it was 10 years old and dirty when I owned it.
Staring to remove the latex “frisket” masking that protected the “chrome” parts.

What’s left is to get a coat of clear acrylic on it. I applied this to the Chevy model with a brush and it came out ok. But I could try to use the Abominable Airbrush one more time before I junk it.

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