1.244 pulled pork, airbrush

Saturday 8/1/2020

Took it easy as is my wont on Saturdays. Felt fine, except for the gouty toe, which made walking a bit difficult. In the middle of the day it was quite swollen. I took a picture but it isn’t that different from yesterday’s picture, except the toe is more of a cherry red.

Supper today was BBQ from Armadillo Willy’s, via DoorDash. This was a plan suggested by Patty, who shared in the meal–to the extent that sharing is allowed. Which means, she and I waited together for the driver, split up the meal into separate bags, and went off to dine alone. Anyway it was very good and a nice change.

I finished the chassis and undercarriage of the Ford model, and finally got to everything set to begin painting color on the body. I have been looking forward to this, but unfortunately I looks like I made a stupid mistake. I tried to go cheap on buying an airbrush. I bought a small one, quite a clever design that incorporates its own air compressor into its handle, and all for a third what an airbrush plus external compressor costs. I should have known, you can’t go cheap on tools. Trying to save money on a tool is usually a sure way to waste money; I know that.

The little brush doesn’t deliver enough paint nor spray a wide enough pattern. It takes for bleepin’ ever to build up an opaque coat of color and the narrow pattern makes it very difficult to get a uniform coat. I painted the hood, a separate part, and stopped.

So I spent a lot of the evening reading “10 best airbrushes for model makers” type websites, of which there are several, and looking at youtube videos on using an airbrush. Actually from some of the videos I learned a couple things and I am going to disassemble my cheap brush. It may be better than I think, although I doubt it.

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