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Tuesday 7/21/2020

Today was the first day it was practical to re-execute my trip over the hill to Half Moon Bay to look for plants and pots. Doing so meant blowing off the CH Writers’ group, but I had nothing prepared and wasn’t that interested in the subject anyway. So off I went.

I found one acceptable large pot. And I found two plants. One is a nice Daphne. We had a daphne in the back yard on Tasso Street, so I know it can be healthy and bloom in shady conditions, so it should be fine on my east-facing balcony. The other is a thyme-leafed Fuchsia, so called because its leaves are very small. Although I’ve seen thyme plants and their leaves are smaller still. Anyway, happily blooming away with lots of little red flowers.

So back home for an intense hour of gardening. I killed one of the chinese whatsis plants, I don’t know what they are, anyway they haven’t done well, just hanging on. The shock of being out of doors after years in our living room was too much. I kept the larger one, but the runty one I put out of its misery so I could re-use its pot.

I filled up four small plastic bags with used soil and broken plant bits. Well, I can’t put a new plant in the soil used by a plant that wasn’t healthy, can I? But gardening on a balcony is different from gardening in a… garden. Can’t just scatter the dirt. Gotta sweep it up and bag it up. And I took the pot into the shower and scrubbed it. Anyway, that’s all done.

Fuchsia Thymifolia in scrubbed-out pot
Daphne in new pot, also bags of trash.

I put the daphne back against the inner wall. It won’t get direct sunlight at all. Or maybe ten minutes just after dawn. So it should be comfortable.

I ordered a pair of Levi’s on 7/11. The order stayed in “processing” state until 7/18, when it went to “shipped” and finally showed up this evening. My efforts to control my weight have been effective; over the last month I’ve come down from 174+/-2 to 172+/-2 pounds. And my I had to keep hitching up my 36-waist jeans so this was a 35-waist. And it fits fine. So yay me.

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