1.232 sinus tickle, coding

Monday 7/20/2020

Went for a run which felt fine. Back in plenty of time for the 9-10am window when the 6th floor was to be called for COVID testing. In fact they worked from the other end of the floor so I was the last in about 10am. The test kit this time was different, the nurse said. “It’s uncomfortable.” Instead of long Q-tip things, there were long plastic rods. She had to probe both sides and it wasn’t that big a deal, although it is always astonishing how far back my nasal passages go.

There is a mystery with two Amazon orders. On separate days I put in two orders, which then were combined and re-split. The first order was for three wee little bottles of model paint plus two model-making tools. The next day I put in an order for 4 different New York Times crossword puzzle books.

When I began getting follow-up emails, it seemed Amazon had decided to ship two bottles of paint and two crossword books in one package, which finally did arrive three days after it was ordered.

The other package, two books, two tools, and a single paint bottle, didn’t ship for three days, and then its tracking info seemed to stall out in USPS Milpitas. Today I checked the status and Amazon’s order status page says “This order may have been lost”. Da fuq? And I was offered a button to click for “request a replacement”. Which I clicked but now it isn’t clear if that actually “took”? So I ordered the two tools from a completely different source (we’re talking 2x$9, they’re just like little steel dental picks). I want them because they are meant for use in the initial prep of a plastic model, prior to painting, and I want to use them in starting the 53 Ford model.

I spent three hours documenting and revising my playing cards software module. Fascinating how programming work can eat up time.

Oh, Men in Black yesterday? Was off Comedy Central, not HBO, so had lots of commercials. I stuck with it for an hour, admiring the special effects and Tommy Lee Jones wonderful screen presence, then went to bed.

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