1.234 groceries, model

Wednesday 7/22/2020

Went for a run first thing; it felt kind of effortful. Some days…

First excitement of the day was that InstaCart shopped my grocery order at 10am. This was stuff for me and stuff for the Allens. Nobody else on the 6th floor wanted to buy stuff. I think people are going out to stores on their own. Anyway, the shopper arrived at 11:40. I took it all upstairs, separated out the Allen’s in a bag, and dropped it off with them.

The modeling tools I had ordered finally arrived. This would be Amazon’s replacement for the order that got lost. The same tools that I ordered again from the manufacturer yesterday. Those will arrive next week. Who knows, the original Amazon order might emerge from limbo someday, too. Then I’ll have three scribers. Anyway.

So I broke open the 1953 Ford model kit and took a look. I am quite pleased. It is more detailed and intricate than the 1952 Chevy kit in several ways. One way, is that the chrome spears on the side are provided as separate, chrome pieces. On the Chevy the comparable side-spears were just molded into the body and you had to paint them silver.

Another feature is a sheet of very nice decals, including tiny details like the little fender and trunk badges and the script “Fleetline” and so on.

After supper I sat down and finished the Coke machine, a little white paint, silver paint, black paint, and decals.

All the screening Covid tests (53 residents, 49 staff) are back, negative.

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