1.231 “Pirates”, coding

Sunday 7/19/2020

Read the paper, had my brekkie, watered the plants, did the crossword, talked to Dennis. Told him I was heading out for a walk, but then realized, if I go now for any decent length of walk, I won’t be back when the lunch cart comes around.

So spent the time to lunch completing the coding of that old project. What I had done was to try to create an abstract “deck of cards” that could be shuffled, dealt into “hands”, put back in the deck etc. Written as a Python module that could be used by any kind of card game. Then as proof of concept, I started coding a simple Klondike solitaire using my deck. That’s what I got working yesterday and today. It has a very lame user interface, just ascii characters to show the tableau and the foundations etc. But after picking off 3 or 4 bugs, it plays the game. So that was fun. Not sure what to do with it next, if anything.

After lunch I went for that walk of a bit over 2 miles. Then it was time to watch The Limelighters’ production of Pirates of Penzance now streaming free for a week. After supper I started watching Men In Black recorded off the HBO. Will I stick with it to the end?

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