1.230 laundry, market, coding

Saturday 7/18/2020

So today I did my laundry. I hadn’t gotten my preferred 6-10am laundry slot (there’s a magnetic board we put markers on to claim time slots, and a neighbor grabbed the best slots a week ago) so had to do it 10-12. I started the first load then grabbed a shopping bag and a hat and headed out for the five-minute walk to the farmer’s market. I only bought a pound of ripe apricots.

With the laundry done and put away, it was almost time for the garage to be opened for returning cars. Mine spent the prior night on the street, because of driving down to FOPAL yesterday. Now I put it away. Next on the program was a nap, and I tried to take one on my balcony. However, being on the sixth floor, I can hear sounds from blocks away, and somebody was remodeling a house in the next block. Later I spent a couple of hours working on an old software project, one I’d set aside back in 2017.

One more shipment came in, an order of a few colors of model paint colors from eBay, but not the order from Amazon. I’m waiting on that, which should have come yesterday, to start work on the next car model.

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