1.229 FOPAL work

Friday 7/17/2020

Went for a run first thing; it felt good. Watered the plants. Refilled the hummingbird feeder. Little buzzers are emptying it in 6 days, average. That’s what, 50 hummingbird weights in sugar water, say 10 hummingbird weights consumed per day. By one, or perhaps two, birds. Slurp slurp.

First order of business, however, was catching up with the FOPAL decision to not have an August sale after all. It occurred to me, hey, those signup sheets are still open. I went through all 6 of them and changed them to stop accepting results, supposedly at 9am. By 9:30, 3 of them had “closed” status but 3 didn’t. Little bug in Slottr, there.

Also in Nancy’s “sorry, changing to september” letter that I forwarded to all signed-up people last night, she indicated that the signups would be preserved. Um, easier said than done. I looked but couldn’t find any way to reschedule a “slot” to a different date. One can only delete a slot (losing any signups) and enter a new one. There’s a work-around, to export all the existing signups to a spreadsheet and manually reenter them. So I wrote to Slottr support asking for guidance on that.

Then bugged Frank to tell me when he’d be at FOPAL so I could go down and finish working those boxes of Computer books.

Then wrote a note to the CH bulletin board advising Mac users about the latest update. MacOS keeps suggesting politely but insistently that we should upgrade to Catalina. I don’t want our in-house Mac users (of whom there are many) to attempt that, because if there is any problem, which is possible with an OS version change, they’d be on their own. However, MacOS also offers other updates the same way. So I sent a graphic:

Don’t click on the one thing, do click on the other to install a Security update and a new version of Safari. Should be clear enough, right?

Updated the status of all my pending online orders. Somehow I have ten things on the way to me, mostly from Amazon but also eBay and Peet’s coffee. Shopaholic much? It looks like three will arrive today, maybe four. (In the end three things arrived: one small order, a larger order, and half of each of two orders that Amazon had split and recombined, who knows why.)

And that got me to 11am and feeling like I’d had a full day.

After lunch I got the car out and drove to FOPAL where I processed the last four boxes of computer books. Back home, I listened to Rhonda’s Friday meeting. There was little news this time. All covid tests are coming back negative. The program for allowing family visits is working well. There have been quite a few calls from people interested in moving in, which is not what Kim in marketing had expected. The 5th floor upgrade is moving along, with planned move-in for October. Generally a feeling that we are getting on top of this pandemic thing and starting to cruise.

One of the orders that arrived today was my final order of model cars, an order I placed nearly 2 weeks ago.

So now I have 4 models to choose among. There are great reference pictures online for both Chryslers. They are very collectible. Examples: 1955 300, 1956 300B. One thing I learned from these pictures: the original Hemi engines were not painted red! They were painted gold.

Both cars were successful as stock racers. The 1955 in particular was the star of the Mexican Road Race, which brings up the idea of dressing the model in racing colors:

That would be a lot of work, and I’m not sure my skills are up to it.

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