1.228 not much

Thursday 7/16/2020

Victoria was late starting her Zoom session for aerobics. She comes up from Hollister–which is a hell of a commute–and today for the first time in Shelter Days, there was heavy traffic.

This was a pretty blank day. Took two naps, that’s how boring it was. I was curious whether, with the new, every-other-week cleaning schedule, I would still get the usual weekly delivery of fresh towels and sheets. And I did, so whee, excitement, I got to change the bed.

I spent some time casually looking into something that caught my attention recently: Prius camping. There is a little subculture of people who live in their Priuses, and a slightly larger subculture of people who use the Prius for camping. I’ve figured all along that when we all get busted out of house arrest, it would be time for a road trip. I’d thought of that in terms of staying in motels. As I noted last year, camping was one of the things I figured never to do again. But camping in the Prius…hmmm.

One more car model came in the mail, the 1/16 scale MG-TC.

The box is much larger than the box for the 1/25 scale Ford. I’m not going to do this one next; I expect it to be of very high quality and detail (if those spoke wheels in the picture are really that good, wow) and I want to do it justice, so I’ll do at least one other, first.

Then about 8pm came news from FOPAL: they have decided that they can’t run a sale August 8-9 after all; the recent increase in ‘rona cases makes it irresponsible. So now we get to test the feature of Slottr, that lets you send an email to everyone who has signed up. Tomorrow.

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