1.227 not nurseries, FOPAL, new model

Wednesday 7/15/2020

After my run and checking email I got in the car (parked on the street) and headed over the hill to the coast. I had just stopped at the first of three nurseries outside of Half Moon Bay when my phone rang: it was Nancy, of FOPAL. Today was the day the sign-up sheets should be open for signing up, and it seemed they weren’t, or at least one wasn’t.

I couldn’t do anything from there, so I started back, taking another call from her as I drove, tsk tsk. By the time I was back to the apartment, Nancy and Frank had worked out the issue, whatever it was, I really don’t know. Anyway by 11 all the sign up sheets were functioning, much to my relief. I had picked this sign-up sheet website to use and it was very distressing that it failed as soon as it was being used. Thus I didn’t get to look for plants or pots. Maybe Saturday?

Nothing much the rest of the day, except for putting the car in the garage at 2pm. With the mail one of the models I ordered came in, the 53 Ford Victoria. It includes a period Coke machine model.

According to the side of the box, it has even more detail than the 52 Chevy (peeking out above).

Observe that engine, a flat-head V-8? I know it very, very well. There was a period when mine had a head-gasket leak. With John Snow’s help I changed the head gasket, which promptly failed. We took the head off and I had it milled (I forget what I used for transportation with the car down) and John reinstalled it. I bought a torque wrench to make sure we did it right. But it failed again. I remember that John got angry at this, elbowed me away, and changed the gasket for a third time in a couple of hours, working in a complete rage. I think that third time was what worked.

I eventually more or less abandoned that car in Seattle, selling it to Tom Attwood for $100 (or maybe less?) before moving back to San Francisco. Will this be the model I do next? Must wait until three more kits come in.

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