1.226 writers’ meet, real FOPAL

Tuesday 7/14/2020

Did the aerobics class, then frittered time to the CH Writers’ meeting at 11. The cue this time was “your relation to France”. I didn’t realize when Connie assigned that last week, that today was Bastille Day. Anyway I had nothing. I thought about me and France. I might have made something of why in 1957 I opted to learn French as a second language in high school, instead of the presumably easier Spanish. (Or for that matter, how little old edge-of-suburbia Bethel HS in Spanaway WA even offered both French and Spanish. Go BHS!) Except I don’t remember why I made that choice. Or how I have a bunch of nice French in-laws who I don’t socialize with. So, nothin’.

Before and after the meeting I was negotiating with Frank at FOPAL to implement my actual physical presence. I got the car out and went down there at 2pm and spent a couple of hours going through some of the backlog of computer books. Found something like 15 “high-value” ones, books that bring more than $25, used, on Amazon. And two boxes of ones worth selling here, and assigned prices to them. I did all this sitting at a table in the shade in an open courtyard. It felt really good to be out of the house, doing something useful.

On return of course I had to park the car on the street. I can’t bring it in until tomorrow at 1:30. I have a plan for tomorrow morning, as well. Harriet texted me that she had seen fuchsias for sale in the nurseries over the hill at Half Moon Bay. So I’ll probably drive over there in the morning.

In the evening I tried to watch School of Rock and couldn’t hack it past 20 minutes. Sorry, Jack Black.

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