1.225 RA meeting

Monday 7/13/2020

Went for a run early; I was back and showered and dressed by 8am.

The Residents Association meeting went off smoothly. Only about 80 people on at peak. As treasurer I gave my report in one sentence, “There have been no transactions since the last meeting so the balance is still the same as then, $974.” A bit to my surprise the question of the cell tower on the roof was not brought up in the open discussion period. Good.

Didn’t do much else of note. Looked at some old software projects, wondering if I want to do some more hacking on them. I’m participating in a beta test of a picture storage manager. It crashed on me so I reported that, and filed a couple of feature requests. The developer is really friendly and accessible and the app is pretty, but it lacks some function I would need.

A friend asked how I liked Chariots of Fire, which aired on PBS this week. She didn’t think it deserved all the Oscar nominations it got back in 1981. I had it on the DVR so I started it. Got 45 minutes in and gave up. Very pretty PBS-style costume drama. Downton Abbey with foot races. Booooring. Other movies on my DVR: Men in Black, School of Rock. Both of which I saw in theaters when they were new. Actually we saw the Broadway production of School of Rock when we were in NYC in 2017. So some low-brow fun waiting for later in the week.

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