1.217 walk, model, upset tummy

Last night I watched the 2005 War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise and little Dakota Fanning. I loved the special effects. So much wanton destruction, whee! Li’l Dakota got to scream and scream, and Tom got to jut his jaw. Fun.

Sunday 7/5/2020

Breakfast was the second sample of the KetoComplete, and later I posted my report. People’s taste buds are sure different. In my report on the unflavored, I said it tasted of basically nothing, like diluted unsweetened Cream of Wheat. Today there was a post by a different reviewer who said it tasted to him like “mixed hay and vomit”. He is tasting some ingredient I don’t; I wonder what?

I went for a moderate walk, around over to Midtown where I had a cup of coffee sitting outside well distanced. There were perhaps five other people spread out around the outdoor seating. The contrast to the Sunday crowd back in normal times is strong.

I did some work on the car model; it is getting close to the end now. Looking at it I think I will give myself a C+ grade at best for workmanship.

An hour after downing the Channing House lunch I had some cramps, and then felt increasingly unwell into the evening, finally resolved with some diarrhea. By ten I felt fine again. Will I report this as a “symptom” on tomorrow’s automated health report? Nope.

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