1.218 book talk, model

Monday 7/6/2020

My book talk was to be at 11, so there was time for a run, but since I’d had the upset stomach yesterday, and skipped dinner, and wanted to be at my best, I didn’t do one. Instead I went for a more leisurely walk.

The talk went off quite well, people said they liked it. So that was nice.

In the afternoon I worked on finishing up the model car. It’s pretty nearly done. All that’s left is to attach the chrome bits, bumpers, headlight bezels, hubcaps and taillights. Like I said yesterday, at best a C+ for execution. Doing this stuff well is not at all child’s play. I’m going to have another crack at one, though. Yesterday I ordered a 56 Chrysler kit.

3 thoughts on “1.218 book talk, model

    1. Oh right, the red wheels. 1941 Chevrolet sedan. I haven’t seen one of those but I haven’t really looked either


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