1.216 busy Fourth

Saturday 7/4/2020

I’m always surprised by how much I get done early. It seemed like this morning was full of doin’s. Wrote a very long blog post for yesterday. Worked on the model car. Clear coat is finished, I hope. Ran through my talk for Monday, incorporating some changes that I thought up while obsessing about it at 3am. Scheduled my zoom meeting with FOPAL people for Tuesday, and in order to have a meeting over 40 minutes, I had to sign up for a Zoom “pro” membership, so got that done. Mixed up the KetoComplete Strawberry to taste tomorrow morning.

And that got me to 11am. And I hadn’t given a thought to it being a national holiday. Years past, the only thing better than the 4th falling on a Saturday, would be it falling on a Friday to make a longer weekend. This year… meh.

After lunch I met on-zoom with Pam, who is going to be the host for my book talk. We finalized the arrangements. Later in the day she issued the zoom invite.

At 2:30, Food Services came around door to door with what apparently is a CH tradition: root beer floats. A solo cup with a scoop of ice cream and a cold bottle of root beer.

About 3:30 I went for a walk. I walked toward some of the local parks, anticipating that I would see some people picnicking. Nope. Seems we in Palo Alto take the quarantine seriously.

I tried to install the rear window “glass” in the model car. It didn’t fit. Definitely made wrong. So was the windshield, but I was able to adapt that by breaking it in half and gluing in the halves separately. Gave up on the rear. It looks better without. Glued the interior into the body. Tomorrow, more assembly.

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