1.208 Productive Friday

Friday 6/26/2020

Started the day with a run; it was ok. Then I launched into the FOPAL project, preparing sign-up sheets for the August sale. Here’s my test sheet. Up to 16 people can sign up for either one-hour slot. I signed up a bunch of made-up names to fill the first slot.

It’s a fairly good system; I can export the signed up names and email from any sheet to an Excel spreadsheet for printing; I can send an email blast to everyone signed up to a sheet. Anyway I made up a total of six real sheets with the proper start and end times and days and so on, and sent an email to the people who care to check them out. Not good timing, some may not see it until Monday. Anyway, about 3 hours of work well done, I thought.

Middle of that, Bert, who runs the Tech Squad, sent me an email; a woman named Lynn needs help with her mac. I called her up and was able to coach her through a few things and she felt much better, or so she said.

So, wow, justifying my existence again.

Rhonda’s weekly general meeting didn’t have any big news this time. The next general COVID testing of IL residents will be July 15th. Oh, and on Wednesday I had suggested to Kim that it would be nice to get some guidance on things like the many open-air restaurants opening up? Rhonda ended her talk with a little homily on how, despite how various things are opening up, the virus hasn’t gone away. Just because the county says you may do something does not mean it is safe to do it. She specifically mentioned getting your hair cut; apparently some people have been driving over the line to San Mateo county where salons are open.

She contrasted these businesses to our staff. We have a full-time infection control and safety officer who is constantly monitoring and counseling staff; all our staff get their temperatures checked and are sent home if they have any symptom whatever. Do you really think that the people serving at a restaurant or salon, or the other customers, are as scrupulous about symptom control as our staff is?

While she didn’t actually say “don’t do it,” she did say, “I know I won’t be eating in a restaurant or getting my hair styled for the foreseeable future.” So I know what to say in case Patty suggests dinner out again.

I have three movies off HBO waiting to be watched on the DVR. And the latest episode of Alone, love that series, and something else.

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