1.203 RA meeting, model

Monday 6/22/2020

Today was the first Residents’ Association meeting since February, and the historic first one conducted over the internet. As anticipated, just over 100 people Zoomed in. That’s the same as for Rhonda’s Friday meetings, and probably represents the about-55% of the population here that has the technical ability to manage the internet unaided. There are probably another 20? 30? who do email but can’t manage Zoom. As I mentioned a week or so ago, the traditional, physical RA meetings pack the auditorium with pretty much all the 200+ residents. But there you go.

As Treasurer I was the 2nd agenda item after “1. Call to Order.” My report was short: last meeting we had $5300. Now we have $1000, owing to a large contribution to the item next on the agenda.

The next agenda item was Peter telling how he and others had organized a special employee donation, tapping the RA treasury and other groups to amass enough money to give a $100 bonus to the just-under-200 employees, including enough to pay their withholding so it was tax free. This as a small thank-you for the extraordinary efforts they have all put in over the past two months of continual changes.

The RA meeting was at 9am so I couldn’t do my usual morning run. I took a shortish walk after lunch.

The rest of the day I didn’t do much. Painted a bunch of small parts for the model. The next step will be final assembly of all the parts, but I can’t do that until I have completed painting the body, and the clear acrylic hasn’t arrived. But probably I can finish that up by next week. Then I’ll have to look at the couple of hundred dollars worth of tools and supplies I’ve accumulated building this model, and decide if I want to make another one, and if so, what?

Oh, this evening I got a second rejection from an agent. Two down, 20 or so to go.

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