1.202 walk, model

Sunday 6/21/2020

Coffee, Sunday paper, crossword puzzle, water plants. Yup, it was Sunday. Then went for a walk. I decided to a different direction, North I guess it is, toward Menlo Park. Along El Camino, up the main shopping street of Menlo Park, and back on a quieter street on the other side of the railroad.

That was about it for the day. Oh, I grudgingly subscribed to HBO on the XFinity box. One of the nice things about leaving the Tasso Street house was closing the DirecTV account that was billing me nearly $130/month, and that with only one optional package, the enhanced sports group. My “digital select” XFinity subscription at CH started at $30/month for pretty much the same service. (Although they cranked it up another $6/month this month; apparently the first year was a reduced rate.)

When I skim the TV column in the Sunday paper there are always some shows I wish I could see, but they are on services I don’t get. There are so many of those: Netflix for a start; the optional HBO and SHO channels; and all the new ones from every corporation that can corral some content into a walled garden: Apple+, Disney+, NBC Peacock, CBS Max, Hulu. If I subscribed to all of them I’d be back to $130/month and more. Each of the services has maybe one show I’d like to see. Nope.

Apple+ is a peculiar one. As a streaming service, it comes over the intertubes. Now, my XFinity box is happy to host the “apps” for many streaming services. In particular that’s how I get my Amazon Prime Video. It also has apps for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and 20 or so more, if I had subscriptions for them. But it doesn’t have an app for Apple+. Because I bought a new iPhone I could get a year of Apple+ free. But I could only access it on the phone or my laptop. Yes, I can and sometimes do connect the laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable. Yes, I could buy a Chromecast or Roku dongle and (I think?) feed Apple+ into the TV that way. But all those solutions mean getting out the TV remote and switching sources on both the TV and the sound box. I can’t be bothered. If it isn’t available by talking to my X1 voice remote, I don’t care.

But my hand was forced this time: I really want to see the rebooted Perry Mason because it features one of my favorite actors, Tatiana Maslany. Whatever she does is good. I hope. If it isn’t good, I’ll cancel the HBO next month.

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