1.201 slow saturday

Saturday 6/20/2020

Kind of a wasted day. Well, not quite. I did my laundry. And I finished submitting queries to all the agents on my list. One agent has already replied! That was unusually fast; typically it takes weeks for a reply, if there ever is one. It was a rejection, but with a short, polite, one might even say sympathetic, note. Anyway, all the queries are out there. I will wait until (probably) mid-August to get all the rejections. Then I’ll reconsider my options. Self-publish? It would mean finding a cover, among other things. Eh. I’ll worry about that no earlier than then.

I spent a couple of hours on the car kit. It’s quite amazing how much time you can spend on one of these, if you take enough care with it.

I didn’t leave the building, and in fact I only left the 6th floor once, to go down to the lobby and check my mail. Funny thing about mail. In the mail room there is a large plastic garbage can for recycled paper, and every day it is filled and overflowing. I am not the only one who finds that can convenient. Pull the mail out of the box, turn around, flip flip flip like a blackjack dealer, all the brochures and catalogs and ads go in the can. Most days I walk out of the mail room empty-handed.

In hindsight not going out for some kind of walk was a mistake. Felt very low in the evening.

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