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Friday 6/19/2020

This was the second morning in the week where I’d ordered house breakfast, because it was pancakes. Next week’s menu, which I turned in yesterday evening, didn’t offer pancakes or french toast, so that’s the end of that experiment.

Instead of going for a run, I decided to do a long walk. I was curious to see the experiment of closing California ave. to be a pedestrian mall with outdoor restaurant seating. It made for a four-mile walk. Turns out, 10am is not the best time to judge this experiment. A few empty chairs is all.

Back at CH I filed another half-dozen agent queries. Another 8 to finish my list. Then I worked on the car model. I mentioned wishing I could do spark plug wires, and old friend Pat wrote suggesting that 30awg hookup wire would be about in scale. Last week I added a spool of that to an Amazon order and today I tried it and it worked pretty well. The modeling toolkit I bought way back had a set of twist drills and I used the smallest, 0.7mm, to drill holes in the head so I could seat the wires into the head.

They don’t really connect to the distributor; I just formed them to reach to it, but gimme a break. Now, does anyone want a spool with 99.5 feet of hookup wire?

A disappointment was when I thought I’d do the spray of clear coat on the body. I applied “frisket” for masking. Then I looked more carefully at the gloss clear bottle and realized it was enamel, not acrylic. I can’t use enamel because I don’t have anything to thin it with or clean it up. I don’t want to mess with paint thinner in my apartment or on my desk; I insist on water-based colors. So I’d messed up and ordered the wrong thing.

I haven’t reported any grief experiences in months, because I hadn’t had any. Today I was reading about Stanford Women’s Basketball. Two assistant coaches have left; two new ones have been hired including Katy Steding, who was Tara’s first-ever Stanford recruit and, along with classmate Jennifer Azzi, founded the program’s reputation. That’s interesting in a gossipy way because current “associate head coach” is Kate Paye, another star alumna, who graduated in 94, just four years later than Steding and Azzi.

Anyway, part of that reading was a quick review of the prior four seasons of SWBB: the 2016, -17, -18, and 2019 seasons. Reading through the names of the players and mentions of key games: I watched all those with Marian, helped her document them for the website, and it just brought a rush of grief. It’s making my eyes prickle now. And yet–and fortunately–I was able to attend games last season and enjoyed them for their own sake.

Rhonda’s 4pm meeting had some news and changes. This week they did over 300 tests of residents and staff, and all came back negative, a major success. She mentioned that accomplishing the prior two weeks of tests took 318 hours of staff time, equivalent to 4 full-time people, but done by existing staff. The one resident who tested positive two weeks ago now tests negative, has left isolation and is doing fine.

They are creating outdoor visiting areas where residents may meet with family members. The requirements are still tight: a resident, or married couple, can meet with people from just one other household. The visitors have to first check in and have their temperatures taken. No children under 18. (Don’t understand that one.)

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