1.196 move-in anniversary, novel

Monday 6/15/2020

Woke up feeling good. Went for a run and felt energetic. I was just back and showered by 8:15am when the doorbell rang for my breakfast. This week, for the first time since March, I ordered official breakfast on two days of the week, namely, the day with french toast and the day with pancakes. (The other days I continue breakfasting with a meal replacement shake.) So: french toast and bacon. The day is starting very well!

It was exactly a year ago, Sunday June 15 2019, when the movers came to take my stuff out of 2340 Tasso and I took up residence in Channing House. It’s been a pretty good year, all told. I am a little surprised when I do the math and realize that a full quarter of it I’ve been locked down in ‘rona-ville. I feel fairly confident that by my second anniversary, life will be back to something like normal. “God willin’ and the creeks don’t rise,” as my parents used to joke about any plan.

During the day I submitted my query letter to the first three of the 31 agents in my list. These three take submissions using a web form in which you fill in your query letter, synopsis, sample of the first few pages. It was nerve-wracking, meticulously verifying every field was filled out exactly as they wanted.

I also spent a little time clipping the parts of the model car front suspension, sanding off the flashing, thinking about how to paint them.These parts will take a lot of careful detail painting. I need a better “dirty bottom of a car” color.

In the evening the expected email about in-house testing arrived. The sixth floor will be tested Wednesday between 9 and 11am. They will knock on your door to tell you when to come to the lounge and be tested. That kind of upsets my plan to go out and donate blood that morning. If they call me early, there would be time to go down to the garage, get the car, drive to the blood center, and get back for the 11:30 garage closing. However, with so much of the staff involved in operating the tests that morning (on floors 2-6 during that 9-11 period, 7-10 in the afternoon), will there be anyone free to open the garage anyway? So, probably just forget it for this week.

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