1.195 walk, novel

Sunday 3/14/2020

After the usual quiet Sunday morning, read the paper, do the crossword, water the plants, I headed out for a walk. I decided to walk to a place on campus I hadn’t been to since Marian and I visited it in, oh, several years. Could have been as far back as 2010. Anyway: the Papua New Guinea sculptures.

In 1994 some Papuans were invited to Stanford to carve some sculptures. Here’s the whole story. The garden is in the middle of campus, just shy of 2 miles from me, so it made a nice almost-4-mile walk.

In the afternoon I expanded the climactic sequence in the novel to incorporate a suggestion of Dennis’s. Well, not what he actually had in mind, but he said something that gave me an idea and I added it. Making the book 1000 words longer, and giving one of my characters something to actually do and experience which he hadn’t, previously.

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