1.197 queries, model

Tuesday 6/16/2020

Did Veronica’s cardio. Sometimes I’m tempted to post the zoom meeting ID and say, y’all should join in. But no. Anyway there were 5 people this time, so it’s growing.

Rest of the day, meh. I did three more query submissions. You wouldn’t think composing an email or filling out a web form would be emotionally difficult but this is. How can I please this person based on the brief and ambiguous comments on the agency website? Have to keep working on “it’s not a judgement of me, it’s a judgement of my work…”

My mood was not improved by finding a small typo about 8 paragraphs into the sample text that I sent out with the first three queries yesterday.

Took care of a long-standing minor irritation. When cleaning the apartment on Thursdays I’ve been annoyed by a light coat of calcium water stains on the glass shower door. The otherwise useful spray cleaner they gave me doesn’t touch it. So today I finally did something, namely ordered some “Lime Kill” cleaner from Ace Hardware, and walked up to Ace and took curbside delivery of it. Brought it home, squirt squirt wipe wipe, wow! Shit works!

Today came word of the new garage hours: from now on the garage will be open for returning cars from 1:30-2pm, MWF. No longer just Wednesday mornings. Also, afternoon not morning.

Which means, my plan to donate blood tomorrow is back on. I’ll get my ‘rona test sometime between 9 and 11am. Then I’ll get the car out, go give blood, return the car at 1:30, and be back to my apartment in time for lunch delivery at 1:45.

Did some detail painting of the chassis of the model car. The suspension is very detailed teeny little tie-rods, roll bar, springs.

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