1.194 model, frisket, agents

Saturday 6/13/2020

Took it pretty easy today. For a while I worked on the car model. As I mentioned a day or so ago, I’m not happy with the gloss coat. I’ve ordered a clear high-gloss acrylic, which should arrive Wednesday. But before I put that on, I need to amend the color coat.

In hindsight I did a crap job with that. There’s a fair amount of orange peel, a small run. Also there were a some small flashings that should have been sanded off before I painted. So I spent some time experimenting with different treatments. Wet-sanding with 1200-grit sandpaper worked well on the flatter panels. Then I went to the residents’ workshop and found some 0000-grade steel wool, and used that in the narrow and curvy bits. Got it all pretty smooth, at the cost of sanding through the color in a few points, and where the flashings were.

So next step will be to spray a light color coat. When that is dry and hard, spray the gloss clear coat. However, that means masking again. You can see where I masked the parts around the windows that will be chrome. I did that with green masking tape, and did it pretty well. You can see one place just under the passenger side vent window where the tape was too far down.

But it just seemed like too much to try to mask the chrome blob at the front edge of the rear fender, or the chrome spear on the side, or the door handles or hood badge. Just impossible to make that small a bit of green tape and make it stick. I don’t plan to try to take the color off, but I’d hate to put any more color over those bits.

While I was sanding, though, it popped into my mind that there is, I think, such a thing as a liquid masking fluid. Only a minute on the computer confirmed there was. Technically, a liquid latex that you apply to block color from parts of an art work is called: frisket. I’ve ordered two kinds and as they were Prime-eligible, they too will arrive Wednesday. So as of Wednesday I’ll have all the bits and will probably spend Thursday trying to get this body right.

Wednesday is going to be a major day, in fact. That’ll be the day for COVID testing, probably. It’s car freedom day and I plan to use that to go and donate blood. And when I put in my menu request for the week, I chose that day to cancel my dinner order, planning to get take-out for myself. Hope I can stand all that excitement.

I spent another couple of hours finalizing the list of agents. I started this back in March (Day 1.114 is the last mention), using a site called QueryTracker. Then set it aside for a couple months while trying to get beta readers. Anyway, with a bit more prep work I will start sending agent queries next week.

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