1.193 agent, tech, Rhonda’s meeting

Friday 6/12/2020

Went for a run as usual; all good. Next up, I spent over two hours going over my collection of potential agents. I have in mind one more change to make to the novel and then I am going to start submitting it. I made up the list of agents back in early March; I wanted to re-verify that those agents were still appropriate (based on what their websites say they are looking for) and still open to submissions. There’s at least another couple of hours work to do there, but I think I’ll start submitting next week.

A 6th floor neighbor, Phil, wants to use Zoom to attend meetings, but had some kind of problem with it. Jerry, our elected floor rep, suggested I give him some help. Just a couple of days ago the Tech Squad got approval to do tech help one-on-one in the main lobby, wearing masks blah blah. So by prearrangement Phil and I met in the lobby. He uses a desktop Mac, but I brought my laptop, and we walked through the process of downloading Zoom (which he had probably already done, but no harm doing it again) and joining a meeting. We joined a fitness class in progress, and left it and re-joined it, and I pointed out the various features he could use. Hopefully he will be able to do it on his system.

Four o’clock brought Rhonda’s weekly meeting. I’ve previously attended by phone, but this time used Zoom on the laptop so I could see faces. Some items:

  • Of the 160 tests given last weekend (administered by 4 SCC DPH nurses), just the two previously mentioned, came back positive. Two asymptomatic staff members, as I wrote then.
  • SCC and Cal. requirements are that all should now be tested every 7 days, until there are zero positives. The plan was to do this, including IL residents, on the 14th, but the SCC DPH declined to provide nurses, they are over-stretched.
  • CH has contracted with a private lab to do the tests; however that lab insists on having insurance info for all subjects so they can bill each test to that subject’s insurance. So “we went into fire alarm mode again,” and obtained all insurance data for 100+ staff persons so their tests can go ahead on 6/14.
  • Residents will get instructions on how to upload our insurance info soon; then our tests will hopefully be on 6/17. (I wonder: will my Anthem Part B drug plan cover it? Need to check.)
  • Still working on more garage open days, but owing to above unplanned work, there wasn’t time to finalize that this week.
  • The “phone a friend” program, for staff to call residents, has been completed with 174 calls made (none to me). Staff enjoyed these contacts. Of the 170, 47 residents declined further calls. (I expect to decline further calls, when I get one.)
  • There have been incidents of residents “lashing out” at staff over restrictions. Rhonda said we all, staff and residents alike, are sick and tired and want to get back to our pre-Covid lives, but if you are angry, please call her directly. “I’m happy to be your sounding board or punching bag if necessary, but staff don’t deserve anyone’s anger.” Amen to that.
  • The 5th floor renovation is now scheduled for completion 10/30, possibly earlier. That will be a relief to the “campers” who will have been displaced since January (I was a D.P. only five months during the 6th floor work).

Let’s see… Stanford Blood Center had emailed me saying my O+ type is needed, come on down. I emailed Kim (the marketing director, who is also serving as Rhonda’s communications point) and today got a response: yes, officially, blood donation is on a par with a medical appointment, it would not be a “gathering” and no isolation needed. So I will do that on Wednesday, take the car out early and donate blood.

Last night I paid Amazon Prime $3 to watch The Emperor’s New Groove. Nice silly animation. I would have liked it a lot if it were free; at $3 it is just passable.

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