1.192 cleaning, FOPAL

Thursday 6/11/2020

Started the day with Veronica’s cardio zoom.

I put in two hours getting the FOPAL signup sheets like they want. Much of that was trying to prove that a signup sheet could be embedded into an existing web page. Unfortunately the only website I have write-access to is this one. But WordPress exerts a high degree of control over page contents. I put what is supposed to be my custom HTML into a page, and WordPress happily mungs it in all sorts of unpredictable ways. It turns what is supposed to be a <script...> statement and turns it into an <a...> anchor. So I couldn’t prove whether the given code to embed a sheet would work or not. But anyway, over to FOPAL except I will have to do a hand-off to someone else via Zoom at some point.

Next, Thursday means house-cleaning. Which I did. I have this down to a routine by now, a routine that takes about 90 minutes and is only a bit less physical than Veronica’s aerobics.

Feeling very accomplished I passed the afternoon reading.

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