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Wednesday 6/10/2020

Went for a run; it felt fine.

Afterward I checked the hummingbird feeder. My feeder has been discovered by several birds who are cooperating quite nicely to drain it. Observe the blue mark: that was the level as of yesterday morning.

I did what little I had to do, to complete my tax return. Basically, sign two e-file permission forms and mail them to the accountant along with a check.

It was nominally car freedom day. However, my car is in the garage under the Lee center, and the hallway to that garage is now part of the access to the COVID-19 isolation area, and nobody is allowed to enter it except nursing staff working in the isolation area. So the only way for anyone to get to their cars is to request a Facilities person to go through the garage and open a doorway to the street, that only opens from inside. So I said, maybe next week.

I got a big windfall from InstaCart. I had put paper towels in my order. InstaCart shows this is “paper towels, 2 count, best available” because they are (still?) in short supply. While the shopper was working, the app told me that my paper towel order had been refunded because they were not in stock.

When the shopper arrived, however, there was all my stuff plus a gigantic plastic pack of six rolls of towels — and in my favorite brand, Viva, too! I said, the app said they were out of stock? and she said, must have been a bug. Later I checked, and I was definitely not charged for them. So I am the paper towel king of Channing House. We had a floor meeting via Zoom and I offered to share my windfall, and nobody took me up on it.

One of our residents, Betty, on Monday, got up quickly to answer the phone, stumbled over an afghan that was on the floor, and broke her hip. Her husband Jerry got to watch her leave for Stanford Emergency but couldn’t go with. Tuesday he got to wave to her through a window as she was wheeled to the operating theater. She’d busted the head of the femur. They put a titanium bolt in it. Today she moved to the Vi, the cross-town senior place whose rehab center is apparently better than ours (and not locked down for active COVID). Jerry was able to drive to the Vi and see her brought out of the ambulance. She’s in good shape, considering recent major surgery, and will probably be back soon. But these COVID constraints…!

I some work on the car model. I did a little detailing on the firewall, painting in the wiper motor, some wires, and some bolt heads, and then I dirtied it up.

Nancy of FOPAL wants more detail on how Slottr.com works, and asks me to set up the full schedule for the anticipated reopening. I will work on that tomorrow.

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